BSCI TV will showcase Teen Comedy Talent Clips to help reduce stress in high schools. Funny Home Videos are streamed with anti- Teen Violence public service announcements. Virtual Teen Study. Groups using animated characters teaching “How To Study” (How to use the dictionary for words and meanings) will be the educational focus.

Arnold with the Reverend Al Sharpton

Arnold with Anthony Anderson of Blackish

Arnold with Chris Rock

Workshops & Mentorship

the BSCI current offers a Teen Mentoring Program using comedy to help reduce stress in high risk areas. Anger management workshops are designed using comic improvisation, along with Sitcom Character Development through the use of role-play.

Original Content

Stay tuned for original content in collaboration with the National Action Network and others!

Aspiring Actors

The Black Sitcom Institute is looking to cultivate talent, and will be reaching out in the near future with performance opportunities.

About BSCI

CEO and President Arnold Pinnix created the BSCI as part of ARNOLD’S ARMY AGAINST DRUGS in 1990. BSCI can be reached at

Stay tuned for more information and developments.